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             3 Step Paint Protection

The three step paint protection works like this:

First; a mild solvent is used to remove bugs, tar and tree sap.

Second; a high luster polish (Ardex 4242 or 4212) is used to deep clean and remove mild scratches.

Third; the paint protectorate (Collinite 845 insulator wax) is machine applied and hand buffed off using a microfiber towel. "This special, heavy duty detergent-proof formulation is used as a high gloss almost indestructible protective coating for automobile, airplane and boat finishes. It insulates the surface against adhesion of foreign elements and assures full protection against sun, rain, salt spray, bugs, dew, birds and smog." -(Collinite corp.)

Then the door, hood and trunk jams are also cleaned and waxed.

Most important is the machine used to polish and apply the protectorate. We use the Cyclo dual orbital buffer because it will NOT leave wheel marks or burn the paint.

All these products are designed to produce the highest quality and longest lasting shine. The products will NOT leave white residue in the cracks and corners or turn flat black moldings white.

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